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Glow Paint Fun 

Glow in the dark paint from MagPaint

This transparent water-based wall paint is quick and easy to apply with a roller or brush. During the day the paint is practically invisible and in the dark the paint glows beautifully green.

As with all glow in the dark products, it is necessary that the area where the paint is applied is really dark. Only then the paint will be clearly visible. If the room is not dark enough, the glow in the dark effect will hardly be visible. 

Use a white primer to get an optimal effect. If you want to apply extra protection over the paint, use a transparent lacquer, which preferably does not have a UV filter.

The more layers you apply, the more the paint will glow.

Applicable to many surfaces such as: escape route marking, emergency lighting, in artworks, decors, star ceilings, wall drawings, etc. Invisible, so it can also be used to paint over something to make it glow in the dark.

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Glow Paint Fun

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