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 Monto Paints Intumescent Paint

Today, fire prevention has become am important part of construction, focused on improving and increasing safety levels in all steel based construction Beams, Pillar's or tension elements 

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Fires pose a significant risk to the safety of the occupants of buildings. The need to reduce the risk affects all stages of the construction process, from the design of construction works, maintenance and use of buildings.

Passive fire prevention encompasses all measures aimed at limiting  the spread of fire and mitigating its effects. In order to increase the safety in all types of buildings, an number of basic regulations have been introduced which are described in the following regulation:

UNE-ENV 13381: 2010 Tests to determine the contribution of structural elements to fire safety.

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Part 8 of this regulation (UNE-ENV-13381-4:2010): Protection applied to steel elements, gives details of a test method for degerming the contribution made by fire prevention systems to the fire resistance of structural steel elements, which may be used n the form of beams, pillars or tension elements.


Montofoc acqua

Water-based intumescent paint, which, due to intense heat, generates a protective foam that thermally insulates the support, preventing the spread of fire and delaying the deterioration of the support. Tested and Certified by independent laboratories according to European Standard EN 13381-8: 2010.

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