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magnetic paint

Turning Walls into Activity Areas 

Create a wall gallery or a notice board with MagPaint Magnetic paint sold in 66 Countries


Creative Fun

Magnetic walls create activity areas

Magnetic walls allow you to create great spaces in your home for children to learn and play.

Our paint allows you to put any colour over it to create the personal room style.

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Create Wall Galleries

Magnetic wall paint is versatile

By using magnetic wall paint in your home or office it becomes a versatile work space allowing you to create amazing picture wall that can be moved around over and over again.

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Magnetic Work Space

Either studying or working a magnetic work space makes it so easy to plan and plot your next steps. The versatility of a magnetic wall in a  work space can pay huge benefits in planning..

Our magnetic paint can be painted over and will fit in with you personal style.

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Decorative Walls

Magnetic Photo galleries 

Magnetic Walls are great for creating wall picture collages they can be moved around time and time again. You can also paint over our magnetic paint to match your own personal style.

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Magnetic PAINT

Creating practical  work and activity walls

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